3 manufacturer Ports SMF-28 Ultra Fiber Coupler Wdm with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

3Port R1310/1490,P1550 Micro-Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexer
FWDM 1550Pass

Product Overview
3 port FWDM use the thin film filter to ensure high quality and perfect optical performance. It can achieve
1310/1490, 1550 two channel optical signal Mux and Demux, and was widely used in CATV, Telecommunications,
Internet and so on.

Cost-effective CWDM technology
Wide Operating Wavelength Range
Low Insertion Loss
Ultra Flat Wide Pass band
High Channel Isolation
High Stability and reliability

FTTH Application
Testing CZPT s
FTTH Tri-Play System

Performance Specifications
Parameter FWDM-T1550-R1310/1490
Pass Band Wavelength Range (nm) 1540~1620
Reflection Band Wavelength Range (nm) 1260-1500
Insertion loss (dB)
Reflect Channel ≤0.5
Pass Channel ≤0.6
Pass Band Rippler (dB) <0.3
Reflect Channel >24
Pass Channel >30
Insertion Loss Temperature CZPT tivity (dB/ºC) <0.005
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) <0.1
Polarization Mode Dispersion (ps) <0.1
Directivity (dB) >50
Return loss (dB) >50
Maximum CZPT Handling (mW) 300
Operating Temperature (ºC) -10~+75
Storage Temperature (ºC) -40~+85
Package Dimension (mm) 5.5*34