Black price Oxide Steel Axis Two-Piece Clamp Style Shaft Rigid Flange Motor Shaft Connectors Coupling with Keyway with ce certificate top quality low price

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The main products are as follows:  
FCL sleeve pin coupling, Gr / Ge / FL / star type and quincunx type coupling, L-type claw type three claw type coupling, NM type coupling, MH type coupling, HRC coupling and CZPT friction type torque limiters And all kinds of rubber gasket, MT plum gasket, MT coupling, GR star plum gasket, KTR plum gasket, XL coupling, nylon inner gear sleeve, NL coupling, nm pump rubber ring, HRC Martin coupling elastomer, L-type elastomer, H-type elastomer, ZheJiang core elastomer..........


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Name: rigid coupling
Material: aviation aluminum / carbon steel blackened
Specifications: CZPT specifications are CZPT
Quality: zero error, high concentricity
Working temperature: - 80 + 300 ° C
Support CZPT ization: direct sales from manufacturers support CZPT ization

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