MW wholesaler Chinese Supplier High Quality Js Type Serpentine Spring Shaft Snake Grid Flexible Coupling Grid Shaft Steel Coupling with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

MW Chinese Supplier CZPT Quality Js Type Serpentine CZPT Shaft Snake Grid Flexible CZPT Grid Shaft Steel CZPT
1)Flexible jaw coupling: Compact designing, easy installation, convenient maintenance
2)Material: Cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium
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Flexible coupling: Compact designing, easy installation, convenient maintenance, small size and light weight.
CNC machined
1). Compact designing, easy installation
2). Convenient maintenance, small size and light weight
3). Widely used in medium and minor CZPT transmission system driven by motor such as speed reducers, hoist, compressor, conveyer, spinning and weaving machine and ball mill.
Permittable relative displacement:
1). Radial displacement: 0.2-0.6mm
2). CZPT le displacement: 0° 30-1° 30
HRC CZPT are designed for general-purpose application where the demand for a
Low cost, spacer type CZPT is required. HRC CZPT absorb shock load,
Dampen small amplitude vibration and allow for incidental misalignment. HRC CZPT
Have integrally cast driving dog to maintain a positive drive in the unlikely event of the flexible
Element being destroyed.
With the addition of taper bush HRC CZPT permit quick and easy assembly.
HRC CZPT require no lubrication and are virtually maintenance free making them
Suitable for most environment. HRC CZPT are offered in pilot bore, taper bush with
Both face/hub mount and finished bore with keyway.
There are other item such as aluminum CZPT , stainless steel CZPT CZPT