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8022 wholesaler Rigid Chain Coupling for Power Transmission with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

We can supply CZPT specification for couplings, HRC coupling, NM MHcoupling, CZPT , Jaw coupling, FCL coupling, ROTEX CZPT , bowex coupling etc.

Our Chain coupling size from 3012; 4012; 4014; 4016; 5014; 5016; 5018; 6018; 6571; 6571; 8018; 8571; 8571; 1571; 12018; 12571.

The chain coupling composed of two-stand roller chains and two sprockets, features simple and compact structure, and high flexibility CZPT transmission capability and durability. What's more, the chain coupling allows simple connection/disconnection, and the use of the housing enhances safety and durability.
Chain coupling belongs to inelastic CZPT element. Using double roller chain simultaneously engaged with two identical sprockets, in order to achieve the two coupling halves connected.
The main difference between different chain coupling is a different chain, common are duplex roller chain coupling, simplex roller chain couplings, silent chain couplings, nylon chain couplings.
Chain coupling can be used in the textile, agricultural, material handling, CZPT , mining, light industry, chemical mechanical shaft drive system.
Chain coupling is able to work under high temperature, humidity and dusty environment, but not apply to the occasion of high-speed, severe shock load and transferring axial forces.
Chain couplings should work under the conditions of good lubricating and protective cover.
1) Chain coupling has a simple structure (composed of four parts).
2) Easy assembly and disassembly, disassembly without moving the
3) Coupled two-axis,
4) Compact size, and light weight.
5) No high precision requirements for installation.
6) CZPT ble operation.
7) Low coast.
8) CZPT service life
Several reasons causing failure: 1) Overload; 2) The chain or sprocket prolonged use of excessive wear and tear; 3) The cover is not installed, so that the chain is easy to be corroded and broken.


Power Cheap Transmission Flexible Spider Plum Jaw Rubber Type Coupling with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Producs description:
1.Material: PU
2. Hardness: Durometer 70-90 Shore A
3.Color: red,black,yellow
4.Logo & CZPT : according to your request.
5.Application: CZPT CZPT ctronic products, CZPT etc

Plum blossom mat, full name plum-shaped elastic coupling cushion. It is used for cushioning of CZPT heavy machinery coupling shafts. Some areas are also known as plum blossom plates. According to the material, it can be divided into polyurethane plum mat and rubber plum mat, nylon plum mat.
Plum blossom mat is divided into MT type plum blossom mat, T-shaped hexagonal mat, GR star plum blossom mat, HRC hexagonal mat, NM type elastic ring, L-shaped hexagonal pad, NL nylon inner tooth sleeve, H-type elastic block, rubber gear, etc.
The plum blossom pad is used for damping, insulation and buffer transmission torque in the middle of the coupling. The torque transmitted by the plum blossom pads of different materials and different hardness is also different. The higher the hardness, the greater the torque transmitted

packing and shipping
packing: carton box and pallet.
shipping: according to your quantity, usually 5-30 days after your payment.

Company Brief Introduction:
SHEN ZHOU AOKAI RUBBER & PLASTIC CO.,LTD was founded in 2000. The factory located in industrial zone of HangZhou city, ZheJiang  province, china.
We have Plastic injection molding workshop and rubber compression molding workshops.
Our main products includes Bakelit Knobs,Pull Handle,rubber door stops, door guard, roller, rubber bumpers, Rubber grommets, vibration dampers, seals, plastic corner, injection plastic brackets, injection plastic shell.
to undertake various kinds of rubber molding and plastic injection parts, customize according to drawing and samples. 
The products have been exported to America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries, and hope to build more business Cooperation with new client from all over the world.

Why choose us?

1.Our company was founded in 2000, have rich experience in production.

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